Five Reasons Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

The following post was originally published at the Adashmore Creative blog on November, 3.  Who feels like they are an expert in both marketing and public relations? All too often, businesses tend to think of marketing [...]

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Keep the Strategy in Public Relations

We've all heard the term, change or die. And the majority of industries have had to change and evolve with the times. The Public Relations industry is no exception. With the advent and growth of [...]

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How to Extend the Value of a Media Placement

When we secure a solid media placement for a client, they often ask how they can further leverage that placement in order to maximize its value.  This is a great question. There are a number [...]

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The PR Value of Awards

In the last few weeks, our firm has won several local and national public relations awards.  These awards were presented to us for a number of reasons, including to “honor industry-wide peer achievements” and “to [...]

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How to Effectively Use Twitter for Business: A Case Study with The Traffic Group

According to eMarketer, nine in 10 companies in the United States are using social media for marketing purposes. Clearly, this is a popular method for exposure, brand awareness, and getting in front of an organization’s [...]

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Case Study: Weiss PR Helps Cybrary Provide Free Cybersecurity Training to Anyone, Anywhere

Now and then, we’ll highlight a customer case study that looks at the challenges, the solution and the results of a specific PR program. Here, we’ll show how our team helped Cybrary, the world’s first [...]

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