As public relations professionals, we work with editors, reporters, bloggers, analysts and other influencers on a daily basis. Having pitched literally thousands of media over the years, we’ve experienced all types of responses – radio silence, confusion, one word, thanks and praise for facilitating stories, harsh rebukes, you name it.

Most of time, communication between flacks and the media is friendly, professional, and to-the-point. In other words, nothing you would really care to hear about.  Once in a while, however, you get a response so perfect it merits sharing.

A colleague recently pitched a few byline ideas to Martin Carr, editor at Health Insurance Underwriter Magazine. After some back and forth, they agreed to the topics, creating several editorial opportunities for our client. As is done with nearly every media opportunity, my colleague asked Carr what the deadlines were for the byline submissions. His response was simply this image:


Well played, sir.