The Weiss PR Approach

Weiss PR approaches client work in three distinct ways, depending on specific needs.

Ongoing Public Relations

Most of our clients have made public relations an integral part of their business. 

For these clients, we regularly analyze their business and communications needs, and what sets them apart from the crowd. We then develop comprehensive strategies and implement tactics designed to reach and influence key audiences with messages that advance our client’s overall business objectives – all while regularly gauging our progress to make certain our program is on track and achieving the desired results.

Project-Specific Public Relations

Some organizations find themselves in need of project-specific public relations support when facing a particular PR challenge or opportunity.

These challenges or opportunities may run the gamut from a chance to speak or showcase a product at a major conference to a crisis which is impacting business as usual. Like our ongoing work, we approach such projects strategically, determine which public relations tactics are most appropriate, and then implement an initiative which will help our clients to reach their communications objectives.

PR Counsel

While some organizations prefer keeping public relations as an in-house function, tight budgets often mean a lean, overworked, or under-experienced in-house PR team.

In such instances, we work with the in-house team to provide strategic counsel and staff training to help our clients effectively implement a wide range of PR tactics. This approach allows organizations to realize cost savings and assist in-house PR staff without sacrificing public relations opportunities.

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